Transferring in a previous pension

You may be able to transfer pension rights into the LGPS from:

  • a previous LGPS fund
  • a previous employer's pension scheme
  • a self employed pension plan
  • a pension 'buy-out' policy
  • a personal pension plan
  • a stakeholder pension scheme
  • an Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) arrangement

In some cases pension benefits from an overseas pension scheme can be transferred into the LGPS.

It is not possible to transfer a pension credit into the LGPS. A pension credit is a share of an ex-spouse's, or ex-civil partner's, pension benefit that can be awarded to by a Court under a Pensions Sharing Order following a divorce of the dissolution or a civil partnership.

Transferring your pension rights is not always an easy decision to make, and you may wish to seek the help of an independent financial adviser.

How do I transfer?

Your pension fund administrator can advise you of their process for transferring previous rights into the LGPS. You have only 12 months from joining the LGPS to opt to transfer your previous pension rights, unless your employer and your administering authority allows you longer. This is a discretion and you can ask your employer and administering authority what their policy is on this matter.