I confirm that:
I do not earn more than £110,000 per year (from all sources of income that are taxable e.g. income from property, savings, pensions, social security (where taxable), state pension etc.)
I have not flexibly accessed pension bernefits from another pension scheme
I have not transferred pension rights into the LGPS in the tax year I am checking
I have not aggregated previous LGPS benefit with my active pension account in the tax year I am checking

Yearly Pension

Enter the amount of yearly pension payable at the date you wish to test your lifetime allowance. You will find the yearly pension you have built up to 31 March of the current year on your annual statement in addition to the pension payable at your normal pension age if you keep contributing to the scheme

Automatic Lump Sum

Enter the amount of automatic lump sum payable in respect of your membership up to 1 April 2008. This figure will be shown on your annual benefit statement if applicable. If you joined the LGPS after 1 April 2008 you will not receive any automatic lump sum but you will be able to give up pension for lump sum when you draw your pension.

Value of AVC fund

Enter the amount of in-house AVCs paid by you and/or your employer during the pension input period, if applicable. AVCs are extra payments to increase your future benefits.