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  • Yearly Pensionable Pay - this is the actual pay you expect to receive
  • Pay frequency - How often are you paid? Choose either weekly or monthly
  • Tax Allowance - set to £12,570 but if you know you have a different personal tax allowance please input here
  • Section of the Scheme - you are in the main section of the scheme unless you elect for the 50/50 section
Your Contributions: The results show your contribution band based on your pensionable pay and the full rate of contributions payable in the main section of the scheme. This rate is also displayed as the section contribution rate unless you choose the '50/50' section when the reduced rate of half your normal contributions is shown. The gross contribution amount is the amount you will see on your payslip (this is the amount before adjustments for tax relief) but the real cost to you is usually less because pension contributions attract tax relief. The net contributions amount shown takes these adjustments for tax relief into account. The marginal tax rate shown is your highest marginal tax rate after the deduction of your pension contributions.
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1. Yearly Pensionable Pay £
2. Pay frequency
3. Tax Allowance £
4. Section of the Scheme
The contributions calculated right are based on the details you input above and the tax relief shown. Please see the disclaimer below.
Your contributions
Contribution bandUp to £14,600
Main scheme contribution rate5.5%

Your contribution rate


Your contributions before tax relief

£ 0.00

Tax saving£ 0.00
Marginal Tax Rate (after deduction of contributions) 0%

Your contributions after tax relief

£ 0.00

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